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Term Of Us is a Company Advertisement directory portal site. All credit card payments made to are under the security controls of PAYPAL .com

2- keeps the rights of approving / disapproving or cancelling membership, cancellation of orders or updates of any member or any company at all times.

3-The target of is advertising and marketing. All the negotiations or trade is performed by the members or the companies, does not accept any liability of such trade and the liability is totally between the members/companies

4-All of the members/companies will be published under the segment determined by the trade and internet laws. All the unlawful advertisements and or announcements such as advertisements about sex or sexuality by members/companies are by law prohibited and does not stand liable for such. In an any action taken by the members/companies regarding to such issues uses its right to cancel the membership without any prior notice.

5 - is a work and possibility sharing portal. does not hold any responsibility of copying pictures published in the site or announcement sharing with third parties the members/companies hold themselves responsible.

6- does not hold itself responsible of any hacking or attacks against its database. The damage which can be caused illegally by the third party will be informed directly to the police or authorities.

7- is a site where every merchant can advertise and publish its announcements through the internet. We do not stand responsible of the offerings by the third parties.

8-Without the approval of the members keeps its right to support the member by advertising, promotions etc towards the customers using its own database. After all that is the purpose of this site is advertising and consulting between members.

9-Any loss caused by using the information at, either financially or mentally cannot be laid on to Member/company accepts the full responsibility by using any information from

10-At members/companies are not entitled to make any religious, political, ideological publicity.

11-Members/companies cannot make any publicity about the services provided by to third parties where they will be misused, mispublished. Any information published at can not be used in actions of unfair competition.

12-The member/company accepts the liability of all the information he announces.

13-Any unauthorized use of any kind of information announced by the member/company from a third party is illegal. will proceed according to the law enforcement organizations incase of complaint.

14-Violation of the name rights and the brand mark is strictly forbidden at any usage whatsoever it is strictly forbidden to practice unfaircompetition. The companies which are granted for membership in will be held as valid member unless it is dissapproved by the member(company) within the first 15 days of the activation membership announcement.

15- keeps its rights to prop up temporarily or abort actions for system maintenance. In case of a temporarily prop up will compensate the inactive time for its members/companies.

16- is the only authority of approval of publishing any information or announcement made by members/companies.

17- respects the ideas and the copyrights.

18-All of the member/company informations are administered by themselves. does not hold responsible of losing the information or password sharing with third parties.

19- owns the rights and all kinds of services given at this site. And it is therefore entitled to change or alter at all times.

20- is not liable for any kind of conflict between the members/companies.

21- All of the services and products purchased from all non refundable

22-By registering at the member/company agrees and accepts all the terms and conditions mentioned here aboveand accepts the liability of the terms and conditions.

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