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Swana Diamonds hosts ‘Love Story’ website competition : Read more
Company: »      News Date: 2010-03-16      « Back

Participants stand a chance to win a Swana Diamond ring

A website competition entitled ‘Love Story’, has been launched by Swana Diamonds©, the patent registered 89 faceted diamond cut, "with a star inside", from the house of Dalumi. The competition invites interested customers to pen down and send personal love stories to a dedicated website, and stand a chance of winning a Swana Diamond ring.

"With its unique 89-facet cut and star quality, Swana is a natural choice for couples seeking to bring heavenly romance into their lives," explains Ohad Hecht, Brand Manager of Swana Diamonds. "Our Love Story campaign is a great way for couples to identify with the Swana brand and celebrate their love," he adds.

The Swana Diamonds are created through a unique process of cutting and polishing a brilliant round cut diamond to produce a crown and pavilion with 89 facets forming a large eight-pointed star. It is a product of Dalumi, one of the world’s premier diamond companies.

To participate in the Love Story competition, consumers are invited to visit Swana Diamonds.

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