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Password launches licensed debt collector service : Read More
Company: »Jewelers Alert      News Date: 2010-02-13      « Back

The service is operative for the diamond and jewellery trade in the U.S. is a web forum informing the jewellery trade on real-time credit and risk management, and has recently launched a licensed debt collector service for the diamond and jewellery trade in the U.S. The service is named Jewelers Alert Collection Corporation (JACC), which is a full service collection agency with a combined team of agents having over twenty years experience in debt-collecting field, and experienced jewellery industry professionals who understand the unique needs of the industry.

The mission of JACC is 'Jewelers protecting Jewelers.’ “A traditional debt collection agency doesn’t understand the unique business structure and challenges of the diamond and jewellery industry,” says Zev Oster, President of both and JACC. “Not only do we have a team of experienced debt collectors, but we offer the latest technology in debt collection. Combined with our expertise in the jewellery industry, we have the tools and skills needed to work productively and effectively for our clients. It’s the best of both worlds.”

The JACC methodology of tracking debt collections includes traditional modes like telecommunications, email, mail and fax, and also reporting to credit bureaus, skip tracing and the use of fully licensed attorneys. JACC also provides weekly remittance reporting to creditors detailing recovered funds and charges a 10 percent fee on recovered debt, compared to 15 percent of traditional debt collectors. There is a money-back guarantee if debt is not collected.

We work for our clients to get their money that they earned,” said Mr. Oster. Other services by JACC include consultation on strategies and tools to protect future transaction, including help with legal language in statements, invoices, memos and disclosures. “These simple solutions may protect the creditor’s rights and prevent future debt-collecting situations,” said Mr. Oster. As a special incentive for members of who wish to use JACC, JACC is waiving a standard placement fee of $50 for Gold members of

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