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American Gem Trade Association GemFair™ sees good buyer interest : Read more
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Gemstones like tourmaline, spinel, quartz and garnet are favourites at the event

The American Gem Trade Association GemFair™, which concentrates on exhibition and sales of coloured gemstones, has received a good response of walk-ins and buyer interest this year. The economic slowdown which hit the global economy seems to be fading out, and the show is welcoming the forever regular buyers, a return of buyers who had stayed away in the slowdown and also a set of new buyers. There are some retailers visiting the show, who otherwise would not consider colored gemstones, but are looking for products in a certain price point and which offer good turn on margins.

Although buyers are approaching with serious buying intent, they are also cautious of remaining within budgets. Also, buyers are very focused and are interested in stones with better cutting and quality .

Amongst the stones being showcased at the event, tourmaline, spinel, and certain common-variety gems like quartz and garnet are springing as favourites. Also, lesser-known gems, some of which have been regaled as collector's gemstones in the past, are rising in popularity among buyers searching for the unique and unusual.

Buyers are optimistic that the jewellery business this year will grow, following the turnaround noted in the last few months of 2009.

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