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Julius Klein-Eliaz Diamonds Ltd

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For over three decades, Julius Klein - Eliaz Diamonds has been internationally recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of exceptional quality diamonds.

An affiliate company of the Julius Klein Group, a Diamond Trading Company Sightholder with offices in New York, Beverly Hills, Johannesburg, Windhoek, Eliaz first opened its doors in Tel Aviv, Israel on 1980. Established by Mr. Azri Garty, the company started its way as a buying agent and after a few years began manufacturing operations. On 1995 Eliaz was promoted to be the DTC client.

Since inception, the company has grown into a multinational business with offices in Hong Kong and Antwerp. Eliaz was named one of Israel’s top 30 exporters in 2003 by the office of Israel’s diamond comptroller under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Employment.

Julius - Klein Eliaz’s wide ranging inventory includes round and fancy shape diamonds from 10 points to 20 carats, a wide variety of colours (including one of a kind pinks, peaches, blues, purples, greens, reds and all those in the fancy yellow family), all clarity grades and diamonds with GIA, AGS, IGI and HRD certificates (provided according to our clients’ needs). Eliaz is perhaps best known for its large and important diamonds, particularly for diamonds of two carats and above, where there is no diamantaire in the world today with a more substantial inventory
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